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We first met at Barb's home church in Spencer in 1989. Bob had begun attending the church 3 years prior to our "meeting" and was in leadership as a deacon. Barb returned home from Minneapolis that summer to do an internship as a youth pastor. We liked each other from our first meeting but Barb was already engaged. Bob needed a distraction so he left to farm with a friend for 6 weeks that summer. When he returned Barb was no longer engaged! We started spending time together and became friends. We enjoyed each other very much but didn't think it wise to continue the relationship into the fall because our lives were headed in different directions. Barb was called to ministry/missions and Bob was a teacher. It was at this time that Bob received his call to missions and that opened the door for us to continue our relationship.

To make a long story short, Barb graduated from North Central in May 1990 and we were married in July!
Bob and Barb VanWyk

Bob Van Wyk
College: Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa
Western State College, Gunnision, Colorado
Favorite Hobby: Hunting
Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Twins and Vikings
Favorite Food: Steak dinner
Favorite Verses:

Barb (Wheeler) Van Wyk
College: North Central University, Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Hobby: piano and scrapbooking
Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Twins and Vikings or whoever Bob is rooting for
Favorite Food: Godfathers taco pizza
Favorite Verses: Proverbs 3:5-6

Austin VanWyk Austin VanWyk
Age: 14
Birthday: January 13, 1995
Grade: 8
Favorite Subject: Reading
Favorite Hobby: Hunting and Fishing
Favorite Song: Jesus Freak
Favorite website: Facebook
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite color: Green
Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Vikings
Why I'm excited to go to Botswana: Can't wait to go hunting!
Stephanie Van Wyk Stephanie Van Wyk
Age: 10
Birthday: July 23, 1998
Grade: 4
Favorite Subject: Reading
Favorite Hobby: Making Stuff
Favorite Song: Super Hero
Favorite website: Poptropica
Favorite Movie: Home Alone
Favorite color: Pink and Brown (together)
Favorite sports team: Colts
Why I'm excited to go to Botswana: To meet new people.
Cameron Van Wyk Cameron Van Wyk
Age: 6
Birthday: November 14, 2001
Grade: 1
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Hobby: Poptropica Webstie
Favorite Song: Portable Songs
Favorite Movie: Star Wars and Spiderman
Favorite color: Orange and Red
Favorite sport: Soccer
Why I'm excited to go to Botswana: There will be a lot of animals there.
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