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We didn't hear an audible voice telling us to go to Botswana but the decision was reached through prayer and consultation with the Africa Area Director, Mike McClaflin. Though our African experience was in Cameroon we didn't necessarily feel compelled to return there. When Mike found out that our passions were for pastors and also for children he suggested we consider Botswana or Swaziland. The church in these two countries is emerging and desperately needs strong leadership to guide it to maturity. He also explained to us these two countries have the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world with up to 50% of their populations being infected.

We began to research these countries and ask the Lord where He would have us. We also needed to consider our children as they will be growing up in our assigned country. We needed to make sure the educational opportunities would meet their needs.

With the calling on our hearts and the needs of our family Botswana was the best fit. And, they speak English! This will allow us to bypass language school and get directly to the field and into the hearts and lives of the Batswana people.
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